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Renovations of Macomb Park is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that serves as the ‘Friends of Macomb Park’ community group.


Vintage ROMP t-shirt. Anyone know the whereabouts of the original artwork for this?

Vintage ROMP t-shirt. Anyone know the whereabouts of the original artwork for this?

ROMP was created in the early 1990’s as neighbors of Macomb Recreational Center visualized a renovated playground with modern play equipment. The playground had not been improved since the 1950s. To support the community’s goals, the Cleveland Park Historical Society adopted ROMP as a subcommittee of the organization in 1996.

Major park improvements were made in the late 1990s — costing a total of $250,000 — through the fundraising and community-building efforts of a wide variety of volunteers from the John Eaton School, CPHS, and the neighborhood at large. Additional fundraising activities have been held many times since.

Click here to learn about making a tax-deductible donations to ROMP.


In 2006, ROMP entered into a formal partnership with the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreations (DPR) to continue renovations of the park. Through DPR’s Park Partners programs, groups like ROMP advocate, fundraise, maintain, and participate in park planning.

In many respects, ROMP acts as a lobbying group on behalf of the park and before DPR. Recent accomplishments include raising money for the purchase of new playground equipment as well as computers for children’s use in the rec center. Most recently, in May of 2009, after repeated requests by ROMP, DPR resurfaced the basketball court.

ROMP is an all-volunteer group of parents, grandparents and neighbors in general who care about Macomb Park. Join us!

We include:

  • Leah Thayer (ROMP chair): leah.thayer@gmail.com; romp@clevelandparkhistoricalsociety.org
  • Sabra Klein Maloney
  • Drew Maloney
  • Kara Kling
  • Robin Halsband

Board meetings are open to the public, as announced on the Cleveland Park listserv and on this website. We welcome everyone’s ideas, energy and financial contributions.

For information, contact ROMP@clevelandparkhistoricalsociety.org.

ROMP’s mailing address: P.O. Box 4862 Washington, DC Washington, DC 20008



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